Die Cast Zinc Triumph Silver Cup with Black/Rosewood Base

PDSKU: SC21-36101S/K

Size: XSmall
Base Colour: Black

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Elevate your triumphant moments with the extraordinary Triumph Cup, boasting a sturdy box base and a solid die-cast zinc cup. The tactile experience of holding this masterpiece evokes a profound sense of victory. Crafted meticulously, the cup's solid metal construction exudes regal elegance, while its weight adds gravitas. From the graceful stem to the ornate handles, every detail signifies distinction. Presented on a sleek black base, you can choose between a gleaming Silver or opulent Gold cup. Your achievement finds its ultimate embodiment in this remarkable trophy.

Available in 4 sizes:

  • 7.75 inches (XS)
  • 9.25 inches (S)
  • 11.625 inches (M)
  • 13.625 inches (L).

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